Debra Walton, Mind-Body Pathways for Well-Being

Debra Walton, Mind Body Pathways for Well-Being

In her work, Debra uses mind-body techniques as stepping stones to wellness, helping people discover and use their own inner resources for change.

Depending on individual goals and interests, she utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic (insight) therapy, Interactive Guided Imagery™, hypnosis, and Emotional Freedom Techniques™, as well as simple meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises.

In addition to her counseling practice, Debra gives talks and workshops for school groups, corporate wellness programs, and other organizations. She is certified by The Academy for Guided Imagery, and is a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Working with Debra you can:

  • Create a healthy lifestyle
  • Find emotional balance
  • Enhance performance and confidence
  • Prepare for medical tests and treatments
  • Complement your medical care for optimal wellness

Debra believes learning to nurture mind, body, and spirit is essential for well-being. Please feel free to call her at 207-761-1741 for more information or to set up an initial consultation, while we continue to build her website!